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Flavored K Pods

If you're the type of person who starts the day with a cup of coffee, you probably jump at the chance to diversify your flavor palate by introducing new and exciting brews into your collection.

Crazy Cups is your destination for deliciously unique coffee flavors. Our packs of coffee pods, compatible with Keurig k cup® brewers, feature unbeatable tastes that you can't find anywhere else.

Where Can You Buy Coffee For Keurig K Cup® Brewers Online?

Easy — right here at our online store! At Crazy Cups, we offer a solution for fast and convenient coffee buying with our all-inclusive online assortment. We carry coffee pods from dozens of renowned brands, including Cake Boss, Green Mountain and Cold Stone.

You can also try our personal Crazy Cups brand, which features a wide selection of bold coffee flavors and unique blends that set the standard for innovation and taste. Our pods contain 30% more coffee than standard brands, giving you a bolder and more flavorful brew.

Crazy Cups also offers diverse coffee products like ground coffee, hot chocolate powder, and tea.

Order Unique Coffee Flavors Online Today

If you're looking for a uniquely flavorful coffee experience, you can find your perfect match at Crazy Cups. Our Keurig k cup® brewer-compatible boxes were made for coffee enthusiasts who love discovering new things.

When you purchase our rich coffee blends, you'll enjoy all the benefits of our recyclable, allergen-free, zero-calorie capsules — guaranteed by our Crazy Cups Pledge. We make it easy for you to save money when you sign up for a subscription on your favorite products. You'll save 25% on your initial subscription order and 15% on recurring orders. There's not long-term commitment and you can pause or cancel at any time! You can also subscribe to our email list to get the most out of every purchase with points, discounts and weekly coupons.

Browse our selection of outstanding flavors below, or contact us for more information!


Smells amazing; like you can smell it brewing from another room. Tastes even better, what a sweet way to start the morning.

Cookies for breakfast....


Best coffee ever at best price!

Monica B.
Love it


Death by Chocolate is my favorite Crazy Cup flavor. Without adding any additional calories with sugar / cream this coffee has the smoothest chocolate flavor as it is brewed. I offer all my friends and family this flavor when visiting. I order this over and over to ensure I don't run out of this tasty joyful item.

Jonelle Hunter
My Favorite Crazy Cup Flavor