Caribbean Coconut Skinny Cold Brew

Caribbean Coconut Skinny Cold Brew

Posted by Crazy Cups on 29th Jun 2021

Who doesn’t love a little island vacation in the summertime? How about capturing that same feeling, but in a fresh cup of your morning coffee?

No, your eyes aren’t deceiving you. We’re talking full-on, feet in the sand, sound of the waves crashing in the background, ice cold beverage in your fingertips kind of feeling all in a delicious cup of joe. Are you on island time yet? Let us take you there.Where palm trees sway in the breeze, that’s where you’ll be. Where soft and vibrant island tunes fill the air around you, that’s where you’ll be. Where you can taste the sweet, tropical sip of a fresh coconut right from the tree, that’s where you’ll be. There’s no place quite like our favorite island destination as we’re sure you’ll agree. You already know that this had us curious.

Could this perfect sensation of flavor be captured? Could it be infused, immersed in another of our favorite caffeinated beverages? These very questions set the geniuses at the Flavor Nation on a mission, and from that quest they crafted our newest offering for your benefit: the new Caribbean Coconut Skinny Cold Brew!That’s right, like a potion straight from Jamaica express mailed to your taste buds, this one has it all. Tropical notes, coconut overtones, sweet cold brew flavor all make this one a must-have, whether you're living it up on the island or just running around your kitchen while preparing for work. It’s the perfect slice of bliss when you just need an easy pick me up to start your day.

Ready to Wake Up to the Palm Trees Yet?

Just wait, because it gets even better.

The cold brew element to this one heightens the refreshment even more, with lower acidity and typically higher caffeine. You’ll find these mix together so well you hardly know they could have ever existed apart. You can even have it all without having to worry about the added calories, as all of those great fruit flavors are packed into the coffee instead of those sugary syrups. All of the Caribbean, none of the stress!

Speaking of, mixing up one of these islander specialities is just as effortless. To start, you’ll need a little time to brew some cold brew. We recommend using 4 tablespoons of your Caribbean Coconut Flavored Ground Coffee with 2 cups of cold or room temperature water for a single serving. Simply add the two together in a glass, stir, seal with plastic wrap, and place in the fridge for 12-18 hours. Avoid going much longer unless seeking a stronger, bolder finished product.

When the cold brew is ready, simply remove the grounds from the coffee. If you didn’t keep it in a bag or filter while brewing, simply strain the mixture through another filter to separate. Next you’ll just need to add some ice, your preferred creamer, and it’s already perfect to enjoy! We might suggest even trying a coconut creamer for a double whammy of fruity paradise.However, for those looking to sweeten it up a little, feel free to go the extra mile for this one and make it a true vacation treat. Consider topping it with some whipped cream or coconut shavings to complete the drink. You could also throw on a slice of pineapple for that picturesque final touch. If enjoying it as a dessert or simply later in the evening, you can also try our Decaf Caribbean Coconut Flavored Coffee to remove the extra caffeine.

We simply couldn’t resist the temptation to combine two of our favorite things in the world just like we’re sure you won’t be able to resist the temptation to have a second glass of these every morning. It’s easy to whip up, as skinny and sugarless as you want it to be, and perfectly tropical for those gloomy mornings when you just need something to get your day started right.

No need to book those plane tickets, bring the island into your kitchen today.

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Caribbean Coconut Skinny Cold Brew


  • Caribbean Coconut Flavored Ground Coffee
  • Creamer of your choice
  • Coconut shavings


  • Fill a cup with 4 tablespoons of Caribbean Coconut Flavored Ground Coffee and then 2 cups of water. Seal with plastic wrap and put in the fridge for 12-18 hours.
  • Steep the grounds from the coffee, then add a cup of ice, your favorite creamer, and top with coconut shavings!
  • Enjoy this bold coconut cold brew!