Cinnamon Blueberry Iced Coffee Recipe

Cinnamon Blueberry Iced Coffee Recipe

Posted by Crazy Cups on 30th Aug 2021

Berry and spice? It’s everything nice! Especially when it comes mixed in a delicious cup of iced cold coffee.

We’ve got a story to tell, Flavor Nation. A happy accident that resulted in one of the most amazing creations we’ve unveiled yet. Like most of our stories, this one started at breakfast. As avid coffee consumers ourselves here at HQ, we’ve usually already had a few cups by the time we get to the office (for research, of course), so things get moving pretty quickly in the kitchen.

Well, as you’d expect, breakfast items are flying around. Someone’s throwing granola in some yogurt, and another is preparing a hot bagel with a spread, while many tend to the various coffee makers stationed at almost every table and available corner. In the chaos, one of the geniuses inadvertently dusted his coffee mug with a coating of pure cinnamon instead of his oatmeal. Somehow, at the very same time, a spilled fruit bowl sent berries flying. Before they could stop from sipping, a blueberry had popped right in, and a big gulp followed right behind.

To everyone’s surprise, it was delicious! The combination of these two very different flavors created something new and marvelous, albeit a bit —- chunky. So we got to work fusing all of those great tastes together in a pure cup of coffee. From that, we discovered our newest creation: our Cinnamon Blueberry Iced Coffee! No actual blueberries are required.

Healthy, Yet Delicious

Even better, this one is just as healthy as it is delicious because of the simplicity of its flavor. We believe that no one should be prevented from enjoying delicious coffee drinks just because of a diet. So, as usual, there’s a skinny option to this recipe for those looking to cut their calories or just want something lighter to start their day.

It’s essential that simplicity that makes this drink shine so bright. Starting with a frequent coffee collaborator, cinnamon, and you’ve got a beverage that is destined for success. The spicy sweetness produced by such an unforgettable spice is the perfect accompaniment to a cup of joe. We often find that cinnamon is a fantastic alternative to sugar too, when you’re trying to limit what you mix into your morning cup.

Even better to enjoy alongside your coffee is the taste of fresh berries, especially blueberries! These tiny, splendid fruits are a natural complement to the boldness of coffee because of how sharply sweet and tart they are. Whether enjoyed in every sip from your mug or simply on a plate next to it from a fluffy blueberry muffin or a slice of blueberry pie, there is no end to the possibilities of wonderful blueberry sweets to be paired with a delicious cup of coffee.

Having one of these for yourself is easier than you could imagine. Begin by filling a drinking glass to the top with ice. After that, brew your Crazy Cups Cinnamon Blueberry Flavored Coffee in your Keurig K Cup StirWhen the drink is ready, stir in your preferred milk or creamer when the drink is ready and top off with ice as needed.

If you wanna really kick it up a notch, this one is even better with a dollop of fresh whipped cream. Finish it off with a dusting of cinnamon for even more kick, and this one is ready to enjoy! If you are hoping to opt for a caffeine-free alternative, consider one of our many Decaf Flavored Coffees for your concoction. You can always count on our many decaf flavored coffees to provide that much-needed coffee fix any time of day or when you’re simply trying to watch your caffeine intake.

As usual, this one is available as a skinny alternative if you’re looking for all of that great flavor without having to sacrifice the calories. Starting with your same favorite Cinnamon Blueberry Flavored Coffee, begin the brew as before over ice. When the coffee is ready, simply substitute with your favorite low-calorie creamer or nondairy milk and stir. While whipped cream isn’t recommended for this version, feel free to hit it with a milk frother for an extra creamy foam.

All of this berry spice is perfect for any lover of unique and innovative coffee beverages. We’re confident that you’ll find yourself returning to this one over and over again after you’ve tasted its sensational fusion of such different and delicious flavors.

Try Our Low-Calorie Cinnamon Blueberry Blast Iced Coffee

Give this Cinnamon Blueberry Iced Coffee a try today, and be sure to snap a pic of your breakfast masterpiece. Give us a tag if you post it on Instagram, and let us know what you thought. We’re looking forward to seeing it and all of the other exciting ways you bring flavor to your morning with our Crazy Cups.

Be sure to stay tuned to our YouTubePinterest, and Facebook, too, for more tips and tricks on freshening up your coffee game! Our obsession with flavor has us constantly putting out fresh arrivals, both familiar and unexpected, to blow your morning away with. The geniuses at the Flavor Nation never stop brewing, so be on the lookout for other new and exciting recipes to try in your very own kitchen soon.

Low-Calorie Cinnamon Blueberry Blast Iced Coffee Recipe


  • 4 oz Crazy Cups Cinnamon Blueberry flavored coffee
  • Fat-Free Milk of your choice
  • Cinnamon
  • Low-Calorie Whipped cream (Optional)


Fill a 12 oz cup with ice (to the top).

Brew in your Keurig K Cup brewer on the 4 oz setting. Use the Cinnamon Blueberry Flavored Coffee Keurig compatible pod and let the coffee brew over ice.

Add in your milk. Stir until combined.

Top with whipped cream and cinnamon (optional)