Ice Cold Skinny Toffee Nut Cubed Coffee

Ice Cold Skinny Toffee Nut Cubed Coffee

Posted by Crazy Cups on 1st Jun 2021

Can you believe it? Summer is here at last, and of course, so is that summer heat!

It’s that time of year again where we find ourselves reaching for something ice cold right when we start the day. Water is excellent (we’re all about staying hydrated), but we’re talking about something with a little more juice. There’s nothing better to satiate that craving for something to cool you down and lift you up than a frosty cup of iced coffee!Somehow your typical morning fix just seems to get even better when it’s poured over some fresh ice cubes in a tall, chilled glass. But there’s always a catch: if you don’t drink that cup in 6 seconds flat, all of that ice will just melt away from the heat of your fresh coffee, leaving you with cold, slightly coffee-flavored water. Lame!

Fortunately, the geniuses at the Flavor Nation have once again invented a magical solution to this very conundrum, and it just so happens to come packed with our latest, exciting flavor recipe for you to try. Introducing: our Ice Cold Skinny Toffee Nut Cubed Coffee!Yes, you read that correctly. It’s skinny toffee nut flavored coffee ice cubes. It’s iced coffee with the coffee iced… by more coffee. Are we mad scientists or just mad? Either way, we’re drinking great coffee.

No longer will anyone have to suffer the tragedy of watered down coffee when all they want is a tasty iced joe. No longer will anyone have to do hundreds of experiments to determine the precise amount of ice to cool down your cup without changing the delicious flavor.

Not to mention this unique concoction finds a way to fuse the rich aroma of coffee goodness with the nutty sweetness of fresh toffee in the most indescribable way. You may even find yourself sucking on one of these like a popsicle on a sweltering morning-- or is that just us?

Ice Ice Toffee Coffee Cubes

Crafting these frozen blocks of joy doesn’t make your daily routine any more difficult either; it just takes a little time. To get started, you just have to make some coffee! Begin by brewing your Crazy Cups Caramel Delight Flavored Coffee. You may need more than one cup if you’re looking to make a larger batch of ice to store. Allow it to cool a bit, ideally to room temperature, to make it easier to handle. When ready, pour your coffee into an ice making tray or mold of your choice. Then freeze overnight!

When your toffee nut coffee cubes are completely frozen, the real magic begins. Take a few and fill up a drinking glass. Also, be sure to add in any desired creamer along with a touch of toffee nut syrup for flavor. Then again, brew your Crazy Cups Caramel Delight Flavored Coffee but this time right over that glass. Give it a quick stir to combine, and voila!This is one that deserves experimentation too, so go crazy with it! One of the easiest ways to mix it up is by trying all sorts of different ice molds to really brighten your morning. Try some sphere ice or maybe even crushed ice for a unique treat. You can also just as easily customize your finished product with some whipped cream on your glass or even some shaved toffee for an extra scrumptious coffee dessert.

There are also decaf options for those of us looking to enjoy this one later in the day or simply seeking to avoid any extra caffeine jitters. Give one of our decaf flavors a go for making an utterly caffeine-free version. Trust us; you won’t taste the difference!

Regardless of how you choose to enjoy it, we’re confident this next-level coffee innovation will be sure to elevate your morning for many summers to come! It’s the easiest way to get yourself a great cup of iced coffee without having to sacrifice any flavor or enjoyment from the process itself. Plus, the caramel and toffee from this particular formula are the proverbial cherries on top, making this an instant favorite.

Don’t forget to post a picture of your masterpiece, and be sure to tag us on Instagram so that we can share and marvel at your chilly creation too! We’re looking forward to seeing how you elevate the typical iced coffee to newer and better heights.

Be sure to stay tuned to our social media, too, for more tips and tricks on freshening up your coffee game! Our obsession with flavor has us constantly putting out fresh arrivals, both familiar and unexpected, to blow your morning away with. The geniuses at the Flavor Nation never stop brewing, so be on the lookout for other new and exciting recipes to try in your very own kitchen soon.

Ice Cold Skinny Toffee Nut Cubed Coffee


Step 1: Brew the Crazy Cups Caramel Delight Flavored Coffee Keurig compatible pod in your Keurig K Cup brewer. You may need 2-4 cups, depending on the desired quantity of ice.

Step 2: After the coffee has cooled, pour it into your ice making tray or selected mold. Place in the freezer to freeze overnight.

Step 3: When frozen cubes are ready, add coffee ice cubes to a glass. Combine with desired creamer and toffee nut syrup.

Step 4: Brew Crazy Cups Caramel Delight Flavored Coffee Keurig compatible pod in your Keurig K Cup brewer over your glass of coffee cubes.

Step 5: (optional) Top with preferred whipped cream and enjoy.