Skinny Praline Nutmeg Brewed Over Ice

Skinny Praline Nutmeg Brewed Over Ice

18th Nov 2020 - Crazy Cups

What’s better than a warm, gooey homemade praline, fresh-from-the-oven, and ready to melt in your mouth? How about one in your coffee?

No, you read that right. We’re talking full-on, praline deliciousness right in your morning cup of joe. Remember the taste of snacking on one of those splendid delicacies on a crisp Fall afternoon when the leaves outside have finally turned bright shades of orange and red while the pecans have ripened and begun falling from their high perches. Nothing will ever beat Grandma’s, but we think we’ve got something pretty darn close.

Prepare to put your lips to this as we unveil one of the newest creations from the geniuses at Flavor Nation headquarters. Combining the sweet, nutty notes of a fresh praline with a little spice and a lot of delicious coffee, today we are introducing our new Praline Nutmeg Iced Coffee!

Not sure about you but we can already smell the fresh praline and spice aromas filling our kitchens every morning for the foreseeable future.

We think this one is sure to delight you with every sip as it captures all of those incredible flavors with none of the added work or added calories that come with your typical whole praline dessert or drink. Thanks to our unbelievable Zero Calorie Crazy Cups Praline Nutmeg, the only extra calories will be coming from the very few small additions we recommend to put this drink over the top.

There’s really nothing to it when making one of these up for yourself, either. To begin, simply fill your preferred drinking glass to the top with ice and throw in some caramel syrup and any desired sweetener. Then you’ll want to brew your Zero Calorie Crazy Cups Praline Nutmeg right into the glass. After that, add any more ice needed and a milk of your choice (though we recommend giving almond milk a try for this one if you’re able) and enjoy.

Spice it up even more with some whipped cream topping and a generous caramel drizzle or nutmeg dusting. We even like throwing a large chunk of our favorite good, old-fashioned praline right on top for extra fun and extra yum! There is no end to the possibilities with this one of a kind concoction.

Don’t forget to post a picture of your masterpiece and be sure to tag us on Instagram so that we can share and gawk at your creation too! So what are you waiting for? Put some warm, gooey goodness in your cup today!

Praline Nutmeg Brewed Over Ice



Fill a 12 oz glass with ice (to the top) and add the caramel syrup and sweetener.

Brew in your Keurig K Cup brewer on the 4oz setting. Use the Crazy Cups Praline Nutmeg compatible pod and let the coffee brew over the ice. Add almond milk (or milk of choice), and stir.

Top with whipped cream and add a large piece of praline. Enjoy!

*All Crazy Cups Artisan Roasted Single-Serve Coffees are compatible with the 1.0 and 2.0 Keurig K-Cup Brewer Machines. Keurig and K Cups are registered trademarks of Green Mountain and Keurig. Crazy Cups has no affiliation with Keurig or Green Mountain.

Smells amazing; like you can smell it brewing from another room. Tastes even better, what a sweet way to start the morning.

Cookies for breakfast....

Best coffee ever at best price!

Monica B.
Love it

Death by Chocolate is my favorite Crazy Cup flavor. Without adding any additional calories with sugar / cream this coffee has the smoothest chocolate flavor as it is brewed. I offer all my friends and family this flavor when visiting. I order this over and over to ensure I don't run out of this tasty joyful item.

Jonelle Hunter
My Favorite Crazy Cup Flavor