Skinny Sunflower Cinnamon Churro Iced Coffee

Skinny Sunflower Cinnamon Churro Iced Coffee

Posted by Crazy Cups on 16th Jun 2021

We here at the Flavor Nation love the return of that summer sun for one big reason: the return of those splendid summer flowers!It’s like clockwork every year, sometime around May or June when those beautiful natural delights begin to re-emerge from the soil. Our lives seem to fill with joy every time we are in their presence, and the sight of some in the garden or in the local park always perks us up when we need a boost. In fact, we got to thinking while staring at a patch that the feeling we were experiencing reminded us a whole lot of one of our other favorite things.

We’re sure you already know we’re talking about our favorite cup of joe! Of course, we had a cup in our hands while enjoying a little outdoor time. Now you may be wondering, what do flowers have to do with coffee? Well, you might not realize it, but many of our favorite flowers have tantalizing flavors all of their own! Rose, lavender, even sunflower, and dandelion all have unique tasting notes that make for a great addition to so many foods and drinks. All we had to do was say the words, and the geniuses at the Flavor Nation got to work creating our newest flavor fantasy.

Churro Flavored Coffee? We Think Yes

Combining the exciting floral features with another familiar summer treat, please welcome our new Skinny Sunflower Cinnamon Churro Iced Coffee. That’s right; our newest concoction is better still with the addition of the powerfully delicious taste of fresh, cinnamon churros. With flowers and churros in the same cup, it’s like a summer match made in heaven!

Everyone can remember the first time they experienced the crunchy, sweet bliss of a churro fresh from the frier. The splendid shape, crispy and heavily coated in cinnamon snow, hiding that soft and warm cake inside. A taste that so perfectly encapsulates the feeling of summer when it reminds us of visits to the state fair or enjoyed in the stands at a ballgame. Plus, these churros don’t ever fill you up with sugar as the real ones might.

That’s right, with all of that great churro flavor packed into the coffee itself, this one doesn’t have to bust your diet. With the addition of healthier sunflower milk to give us those fantastic floral notes along with a creamy thickness, you can completely control the level of sweet flavor to your specifications without any sugar overload.

Fresh churros, fresh flowers, and fresh coffee. Is there anything more dreamy? We try not to pick favorites with all of our fabulous creations, but this one just shines a little bit brighter if you know what we mean. As fun and as carefree as summer itself, all without any extra calories.

Mixing one of these together can be just as carefree with a few special ingredients. To start, fill a drinking glass to the top with ice. Next, you’ll want to brew your Crazy Cups Cinnamon Churro Flavored Coffee Keurig compatible pod right into the glass over the ice. While the coffee is brewing, go ahead and use a steaming wand or hand frother to froth your sunflower milk until the consistency is as creamy and foamy as possible. Once both are ready, pour your silky sunflower milk into your coffee.

While you could stop right there, we recommend dressing this one up for the complete summertime experience in a glass. Top off your foam with a few roasted sunflower seeds and a churro-esque coating of cinnamon powder. If you can find it, try topping it with an edible sunflower for the picture-perfect finish to an amazing beverage.

Have Your Desert in the Morning With Crazy Cups 

If you’re enjoying this one later in the evening as a dessert or if you’re just looking to avoid the extra caffeine, consider one of our decaf options like our Crazy Cups Decaf Cinnamon French Toast Flavored Coffee. It may not have that quintessential churro quality, but we promise it’s no less delicious nor less perfect for this one.

There’s no way this drink doesn’t quickly become your new summer go-to from the moment you take your first sip. It’s indescribably refreshing from the sunflower milk and delightfully sweet from the cinnamon churro coffee. Make it as skinny as a black coffee with no loss of flavor or sweeten it up for an after lunch special; it’s up to you! We’re even confident that you’ll soon find this elixir is associated with summer just as much as all those favorite pastimes of yore.

Don’t forget to post a picture of your masterpiece, and be sure to tag us on Instagram so that we can share and marvel at your creation too! We’re looking forward to seeing how you creatively capture that wonderful feeling of summer in an ice-cold glass.

Be sure to stay tuned to our social media too for more tips and tricks on freshening up your coffee game! Our obsession with flavor has us constantly putting out fresh arrivals, both familiar and unexpected, to blow your morning away with. The geniuses at the Flavor Nation never stop brewing, so be on the lookout for other new and exciting recipes to try in your very own kitchen soon.

Skinny Sunflower Cinnamon Churro Iced Coffee


  • Cinnamon Churro Flavored Coffee
  • Sunflower seed milk
  • Cinnamon
  • Roasted sunflower seeds


  • Fill a 12 oz cup with ice (to the top).
  • Brew in your Keurig K Cup brewer on the 4 oz setting. Using the Cinnamon Churro Flavored Coffee Keurig compatible pod and let the coffee brew over ice.
  • Froth your sunflower seed milk until it is a creamy consistency.
  • Add in sunflower seed milk cold foam and top with roasted sunflower seeds, cinnamon, and an edible sunflower!
  • Enjoy!