French Roast Ground Coffee

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French Roast Ground Coffee

Product Description

  • FRENCH ROAST COFFEE: Double Donut brings you a medium-bodied dark roast coffee with a spicy yet pleasing flavor. This French roast coffee is an essential for coffee lovers that enjoy a well balanced ground coffee medium roast that's on the darker side
  • QUALITY & VALUE: Double Donuts coffee dark roast blend selection is made with 100% Arabica beans. Our coffee French roast allows you to enjoy premium coffee without the trip to the café!
  • GROUND COFFEE FOR BODY & MIND: Our French coffee Arabica blend is vegan, Kosher, Pareve, and keto friendly! This French blend sugar free coffee allows you to indulge guilt free any time of day! Enjoy our dark roast hot or as a refreshing iced coffee
  • EXPERTLY ROASTED: Our French roast ground coffee beans are expertly sourced and roasted making it the perfect coffee for French press brewing. You can also use our French blend coffee for pour over brews. With Double Donut the possibilities are endless!
  • DOUBLE DONUT, TWICE AS NICE: Before coffee was costly you just grabbed a cup of joe from the corner donut shop. We revive that tradition with warm, welcoming coffee. If you enjoy our dark rost coffee explore all the flavored coffee we have to offer today!

Quick Facts

  • Caffeinated
  • Regular
  • K-Cup
  • Sugar Free
  • Calories: 0

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