Hot Chocolate Single-Serve Cups Variety Pack Sampler

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Product Description
  • HOT Chocolate PODS: Enjoy brands like Crazy Cups, Grove Square, Copper Moon, Entenmann's & more! This hot chocolate variety pack allows you to sample a wide range of flavored hot chocolate pods like peanut butter hot chocolate, dark chocolate hot Chocolate & more!
  • EXPLORE NEW HOT CHOCOLATE FLAVORS: This assorted hot Chocolate variety pack allows you to enjoy classic creamy hot chocolate as well as exciting new flavors. Enjoy our peppermint hot chocolate, you'll swear your biting into a refreshing peppermint patty!
  • SERVING SUGGESTIONS: This hot Chocolate sampler allow you to create your own hot chocolate creations. Add a candy cane to our peppermint hot Chocolate, add caramel drizzle to our caramel hot chocolate, or add a peanut butter cup to our peanut butter hot chocolate
  • INDIVIDUALLY PACKAGED & INSPECTED: Each hot chocolate gift set has been carefully inspected ensuring each k pod is fresh. Due to the vast variety of our sampler pack the combination of blends is subject to change
  • HOT CHOCOLATE FOR KEURIG: Our assorted hot Chocolate pods & other single serve assortments are compatible with coffee machines that brew Chocolate K Cups including the Keurig 2.0 brewer. K cups is a registered trademark of Keurig. We are not affiliated with Keurig or Green Mountain.
Recyclable in some communities.
Check the box and your local recycling guidelines for more information.

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