The Pioneer Woman Flavored Coffee Pods Vanilla Hazelnut

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Pioneer Woman

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The Pioneer Woman Flavored Coffee Pods Vanilla Hazelnut

Product Description

The Pioneer Woman Hazelnut Vanilla

Warm notes of hazelnut and vanilla can pull anyone out of their morning funk and get them ready to attack another day with vigor. When you brew a cup of the Pioneer Woman Hazelnut Vanilla Coffee, you get bold, delicious flavor. You can greet the day with energy and enthusiasm, sparked by the exciting taste of our hazelnut vanilla coffee pods. The Pioneer Woman, Ree Drummond, embraces intense flavors and tastes that make for distinctive blends. 

Our coffee offers a chance to break free from the everyday. Get away from the daily grind and start experiencing good vibes from your first cup to the end of your day when you start your morning with our hazelnut vanilla K pods. You can enjoy our coffee hot or cold, and it hits the spot with a splash of milk and a dash of simple syrup. 

Hazelnut Vanilla Coffee Without Added Sugar

Starting your day off right means beginning with a healthy treat. You want to feel light and awake, and our Hazelnut Vanilla Pioneer Woman coffee delivers. We make it without sweeteners or sugar. It is also kosher, gluten free and vegan. Plus, we package it in recyclable pods, so you can add eco-friendly to the list, too. 

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You will love the experience of brewing and drinking our coffee so much that you'll always want to have more available. We have good news there, too. Purchase our subscription, and you receive 25% off and a discount of 15% on subsequent orders. Plus, you get free shipping on orders of $35 or more.

Our subscription plan provides outstanding versatility, too. You can pay for multiple subscriptions and send them to different addresses. Buy our Hazelnut Vanilla K pods, compatible with Keurig K cup® brewers, today. 

Quick Facts

  • Roast: Medium

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