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Crazy Cups FAQ


1. What kind of sweetener do you use and how Much Sugar is there in your delicious coffees?

While our Crazy Cups regular and decaf flavored coffees are totally sweet, they do not contain any sugar or sweetening agents.

2. Where can I find the nutrition facts for all of your delightful brews?

The Regular and Decaf coffees do not display nutrition info, since they would be super boring. Nutrition facts for our Premium Hot Chocolates and Crazy Lattes appear on the box, as well as the product page on the website.


2. What method of decaffeinating do you use in your decaf Crazy Cups coffees?


The Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Method is the most recent method, and uses liquid CO2 in place of harsher chemical solvents like methylene chloride and ethyl acetate to complete the decaffeination process. It acts selectively on the caffeine, i.e., it releases the alkaloid and nothing else.  This allows only the caffeine to be stripped while leaving the flavor chemical compounds of the coffee behind.  Using this method allows us to offer the most flavorful decaffeinated experience for our customers.

This is the method that we use for most of the decafs we manufacture. Please contact customer service for information about specific decaf products.


4. Are Crazy Cups compatible with those fancy shmancy Keurig K Cups 2.0 Brewers?

All off our Crazy Cups brand cups are compatible with the 2.0 system

5. Now that I've placed an order, how long until my coffee (or cider/hot chocolate) appears at my doorstep?

Shipping, unless specified as expedited, typically takes between 5-7 business days

6. I earned some rewards by being awesome, but I can't seem to get my coupon code...what do I do?

Contact our customer service department by chatting us from the site, emailing info@crazycups.com or filling out the form on our contact page. Our team is ready to help!

7. Help - I need coffee asap but I'm having trouble completing my order!

Chat us if we’re online, and we will guide you to coffee goodness, Otherwise, please email info@crazycups.com or fill out the form on our contact page and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

8. I have a Groupon to use but, err...how do I redeem it?  

Please follow these steps:
Visit www.crazycups.com and type in the word "Groupon" in our search bar. 3 items will show up, so pick the pack you purchased on Groupon and add it to your cart.

Go to checkout, then copy and paste the voucher code that Groupon sent you into the coupon code field in your cart and click to apply. You should be good to go!

If you have any issues using your coupon code, email info@crazycups.com and we will be happy to help.

9. Why does shipping to Canada cost so much more than the US?

Shipping to Canada involves customs and broker fees. Not our idea, but that’s just the way it is!

10. I have a super idea for a new flavor. How can I submit it?

As the world’s only fan-powered (as in Flavor Nation, not the spinnny kind) coffee company, we’d love to hear your ideas! Please submit them on our contact page, Facebook page, or by emailing info@crazycups.com.

11. I love coupons and discounts - where can I get me some of those?

There are many ways to earn loyalty points and find out about our promotions.

We post new promotions every week. Create an account on our site to join our email list, and like us on Facebook or Instagram. We also have a rewards program that allow you to work your way towards free coffee by being a loyal Crazy Cups customer.

12. How much Caffeine is there in your coffees?