Our Story

Driven by a highly whimsical nature and revolutionary spirit, and inspired by his passion for tasting new creative ice cream flavors and textures to recreate that sensuous exhilaration minus the calories and guilt, Shlomo embarked on a mission to invent Crazy Cups – the world's first fan-generated flavored beverage company. Starting with coffee, but skipping the traditional French Vanilla, he created coffee flavor combinations never before imagined, attracting flavor seekers from all corners of the land. He asked the new enthusiasts for feedback to fuel the next rounds of beverage inspiration, and this sparked the development of an entire range of Crazy Cups products, including adventurous Flavored and Decaf Flavored Coffees, Premium Flavored Hot Chocolates, Flavored Caffeinated Hot Chocolates, Ciders, Cappuccinos, Vanilla Shakes, and more.

In just a few years, Crazy Cups has grown to offer the widest assortment of flavored coffees anywhere, and ignited a passionate following amongst our ever-expanding fanbase, the #FlavorNation. But Shlomo didn't just stop there. After all, flavors are portals of discovery. To satisfy the our fans' insatiable craving for new tastes, he broadened his quest to make CrazyCups.com the ultimate source for all things beverage, offering our FlavorNation the widest selection of single serve beverages anywhere - from mass-market favorites to the most unique flavors, and from popular brands to those that can't be found anywhere else, always just a few clicks away.

This world offers limitless possibilities, and Shlomo delights in sharing them with all who are ready to embark on that journey of opportunity. His hope is to continuously inspire, through the lens of evocative flavor combinations, the endless possibilities which live within each one of us. As children, we recognize the boundless nature of our own creativity, but life tends to draw lines and walls along the way as we grow. At Crazy Cups, we use flavor experiences to arouse your senses and evoke memories to break down those new walls and transport you back to those moments when everything imaginable was attainable, turning your daily grind into daily doses of possibility. We encourage our #FlavorNation to share their unique experiences within our online community, inspiring each other and themselves to break through comfort zones and color outside of our lines.

Here at Crazy Cups, we love flavors so much, we wrote them a poem. We humbly present our Ode to Flavor: