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Our Story

Inspired by Willy Wonka and his own passion for Ice Cream minus the guilt, Crazy Sol went on a mission to create the worlds first Fan-Generated single serve beverage company. 

Beginning with coffee but skipping the traditional French Vanilla, he began creating coffee flavors which have never been previously imagined and then listened for customer feedback. From this feedback, he created an additional line of Crazy Decaf's, Premium Hot Chocolate's, Ciders and Cappuccino's.
After just a couple of years, Crazy Cups has the most flavor coffee's available and has created a #FlavorNation to let the fans to choose what's next.
Crazy Sol loves to play, so guess this number and get a free box today!
How many flavors are available today from Crazy Cups?
Read our Ode To Flavor to get a peak into his world and mission.