Our Story

Inspired by Willy Wonka and his own passion for ice cream minus the guilt, Crazy Sol set out to invent Crazy Cups–the world’s first fan-generated single serve beverage company.

Starting with coffee but skipping the traditional French Vanilla, he created coffee flavors never previously imagined, and then listened for customer feedback. From this feedback, he developed additional Crazy Cup products including Decaf Coffees, Premium Hot Chocolates, Ciders, Cappuccinos, Vanilla Shakes and Matcha Teas.

After just a few years, Crazy Cups grew to offer the widest assortment of flavored coffees available, and sparked a passionate following among our fans, the #FlavorNation.

But Crazy Sol didn't just stop there. To satisfy the FlavorNation’s craving for new tastes, he went on a quest to offer the widest range of single serve beverages on the Internet.

Crazy Cups believes flavors are portals of discovery, and is on a mission to offer the widest range of drinks, from mass-market favorites to unique flavors from popular brands that can't be found anywhere else.

We love flavors so much, we wrote them a poem. We humbly present...



Smells amazing; like you can smell it brewing from another room. Tastes even better, what a sweet way to start the morning.

Cookies for breakfast....


Best coffee ever at best price!

Monica B.
Love it


Death by Chocolate is my favorite Crazy Cup flavor. Without adding any additional calories with sugar / cream this coffee has the smoothest chocolate flavor as it is brewed. I offer all my friends and family this flavor when visiting. I order this over and over to ensure I don't run out of this tasty joyful item.

Jonelle Hunter
My Favorite Crazy Cup Flavor