Lavender Honey Decaf Iced Coffee | Crazy Cups

Lavender Honey Decaf Iced Coffee | Crazy Cups

Posted by Crazy Cups on 27th Sep 2021

While Summer sadly may be almost over once again, lavender season is officially here to stay.

Why’s that you ask? Well quite simply we here at the Flavor Nation felt like the great beauty of lavender was far too exquisite to only be enjoyed to its fullest extent for only a few short months a year. The aromas and sensations it evokes are just too tranquil to ever be without for very long. Whether it’s the scent we spray on our pillow to help us ease into a restful sleep or a decadent touch to a breakfast scone, there’s just nothing a little lavender can’t take to the next level.

That’s exactly why we’ve declared it to be lavender time, every time from here on out. All we had to do was say the word and our flavor geniuses got hard to work in the lab cooking up our next great beverage creation for your morning pleasure. In the spirit of all that is purple and perfect, we’re introducing: our new Lavender Honey Decaf Iced Coffee.

That’s right, it’s officially lavender season 365 days a year from now on! You better start marking your calendars now.

Fragrance or Tastebuds? Crazy Cups Does it All

No longer will you have to be without the most relaxing fragrance one can experience when you need it most. No longer will you have to miss that pungent, sweet flavor on your taste buds when you need your fix. From a snowy winter morning to a warm spring night, there’s no reason to ever not be able to enjoy this exciting new drink and all from the comfort of your kitchen.

We almost forgot to mention that not only does it come packed with all of that awesome lavender goodness, but it is also sweetened by the equally natural and delicious addition of honey. When the two are combined, they come together as the total floral package in a glass. Be careful you don’t get the bees too riled up with this one otherwise they might think you picked it fresh from the garden!

Plus this one is a decaf special, making it truly the perfect fit for any time, day or night! That’s right, all of that classic coffee flavor but without any of the extra buzz for those looking to do without it. We don’t recommend having one of these with every meal, but we’re proud to say you totally could. Besides, who’s judging?

So How Do We Get This Delicacy?

There’s no special secret to putting a divine drink like this together, either. Start by filling a glass or mug to the top with ice. Place the glass under your brewer and begin brewing your Crazy Cups Lavender Honey Flavored Decaf Coffee directly over the ice. Once the brew is complete, give it a stir and top off with more ice as necessary to replace the ice that’s melted.

Next, it’s time to kick this one up a notch. To complete this delicious floral package, all that’s left is to add in your dash of lavender syrup, a dollop of honey, and some oat milk or your preferred creamer. Give it another quick stir, and voila! Your Lavender Honey Decaf Iced Coffee is ready to be enjoyed.

If you’re looking to have even more fun with it, feel free to go wild with the toppings for this one. A healthy coating of whipped cream is always in order, and you could take it the extra mile with a drizzle of honey or even some edible flower petals if you’re really trying to dress to impress. That’s right, this treat is just as good when enjoyed as a dessert as it is for starting your day in your morning cup.

Or you could always just have your dessert for breakfast, it’s perfect for that too!

For all the lovers of lavender, honey, and all things floral out there, this one is guaranteed to become a daily must-have for the foreseeable future. It’s got everything you need to naturally perk you up in your morning cup but also just the right stuff to help put you to sleep before bed. Plus without any of that added caffeine in your diet, it really is the perfect beverage for any occasion, any place, any time.

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Lavender Honey Decaf Iced Coffee Recipe


  • 4 oz Lavender Honey Flavored Decaf Coffee by Crazy Cups
  • ¼ tsp of honey
  • Oat Milk (or Milk of your choice)


Fill a 12 oz cup with ice (to the top).

Brew in your Keurig K Cup brewer on the 4 oz setting. Use the Lavender Honey Flavored Decaf Coffee by Crazy Cups Keurig compatible pod and let the coffee brew over ice.

Add in your honey and oat milk. Stir until combined.