Lavender Vanilla Iced Coffee | Crazy Cups

Lavender Vanilla Iced Coffee | Crazy Cups

Posted by Crazy Cups on 5th Aug 2020

Summer is here, and so are its amazing summer scents!

We all remember the feeling of stepping outside into the warm summer air and having the smell of wild lavender drift upon our senses or even the pleasing aroma of clean laundry with a hint of vanilla oil mixed in to evoke such a wondrous comfort. Typically we might find this with a lovely lavender candle by the bed or in a refreshing tea, but why stop there?

Our Flavor Nation team has cooked up another magical combination to dazzle your every taste bud, every morning. Now you can start your morning with a touch of these delicious flavors mixed into your daily brew!

Transport yourself instantly to a summer cottage in the countryside the moment this Lavender Vanilla Iced Coffee hits your lips, followed up by the much-needed caffeine fix from the coffee itself.

There’s no better way to start the day than with this tantalizing drink that combines all of the best flavors of summer with all of the great tastes in your Crazy Cups Caramel Vanilla Coffee in Decaf. If you limit the sweet toppings, this drink even makes for a healthy option to bring incredible flavor to your cup of coffee. Just modify it to suit your tastes.

It couldn’t be simpler to make too, making it perfect for those quick mornings on the go when you haven’t quite woken up yet (that’s what the coffee is for, right?). Simply prepare your Crazy Cups Caramel Vanilla Coffee, mix in the vanilla and lavender components, and top!

This one also makes for a great treat in the later afternoon/early evening because of the strongly aromatic profile and optional sweet additions like whipped cream. Try our Crazy Cups Caramel Vanilla Coffee in Decaf, so you don’t regret the late caffeine boost at bedtime, or even our Crazy Cups Hot Cocoa for a next-level dessert.

Get crazy with it! Dress it up with some fresh sprigs of actual lavender and honey drizzle, and put it in your best dessert glass. Make the most of this brand new concoction merging all of the best flavors and scents into one magnificent elixir.

Don’t forget to post a picture of your masterpiece, and be sure to tag us on Instagram so that we can share and marvel at your creation too! So what are you waiting for? Put some summer in your cup!

Lavender Vanilla Iced Coffee



Mix your ingredients together and pour over ice for a tasty floral coffee that is perfect for summer! We recommend adding whipped cream, drizzling some honey and adding a few sprinkles of fresh lavender on top.

Want to try this delicious coffee as a cold brew? Substitute your hot coffee with cold brew coffee with our French Vanilla Creme Ground Coffee

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